Threats from Sea to Shining Sea

“May you live in interesting times,” may be a bygone saying after 2009.  No one will want to hear it again!

As if “The Big One” was enough to worry about in California, scientists are upping the ante with a new look at the data from earlier earthquakes and analyzing what the effects might look like.  Apparently, “Supershears” have overtaken “Supercuts” and they can show where an earthquake can travel at 3.1 miles per second (faster than a sonic boom).

Full Article from LA Weekly HERE

And then there is the East coast where the Russians are positioning two of their nuclear-powered submarines.  This is a feat they have not been capable of doing in the last 15 years.  The reasons for this patrolling are usually “to steal military secrets, track the movements of their underwater fleets — and be poised for war.”  So you can see this is a rather ominous activity and one worth noting.

Full Article from The New York Times HERE

El Nino weather patterns could deepen the drought in the regions of the US currently suffering–such as Texas.  As it also affects Australia’s wheat crop, historically, it may only deepen global food shortages for the year ahead.

Full Article from the Telegraph HERE

DHS is reportedly dismantling the sign near the shared border with Canada in Messina, NY that says, “United States.”  While the columnist accepts Janet Napolitano’s agencies’ explanation, “it is a terrorist threat,” we think it might be even more ominous in that DHS is trying to eliminate remnants of the United States so they can be replaced in the future with something like, “Union of North America.”

Full Article from the Guardian HERE

“ATF Worries About Cartel Grenades Coming into US” – In Southern Texas, someone threw a fragmentation grenade into a bar.  As the second safety pin was not pulled, it did not explode.  However, ATF is using this situation to suggest that more should be done to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  We would like to ask them how much more are they willing to do since we know they have already suspended the Castle Doctrine in parts of Texas.  The Castle Doctrine is the premise that a man’s home is his castle and he can do anything to defend it.  However, just a few weeks ago, Border Patrol agents were going door to door in parts of Texas looking for illegal guns and “weapons.”  This is a great violation of our constitutional rights and looks like this event will only cause them to try more of the same in the very near future.  Though we don’t know how far they can keep pushing these law-biding Texans without some blow-back. 

Read Article from Associated Press HERE

And as Congress complains about the American peoples’ rights to question their actions, policies and procedures (especially regarding the healthcare bill), we are wondering if there is a modern-day equivalent to tar and feathering that we might try to send a message back to Congress in the fall.  Any ideas–all non-violent please as humiliation would work just fine–please submit here.  Peaceful Citizens’ arrest?


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