Usury – the Root of All Inequality

But the branch [of the art of wealthgetting, tékhnê khrêmatistiké] connected with exchange [metablêtiké] is justly discredited [psegoménê, “blamed,” “censured”] (for it is not in accordance with nature [ou katà phýsin], but involves men’s taking things from one another). As this is so, usury [obolostatiké, “obol weighing”] is most reasonably hated, because its gain comes from money [nómisma] itself and not from that for the sake of which money was invented. For money was brought into existence for the purpose of exchange, but interest [tókos] increases the amount of the money itself (and this is the actual origin of the Greek word:  offspring resembles parent, and interest is money born of money); consequently this form of the business of getting wealth [khrêmatismós] is of all forms the most contrary to nature.

Aristotle, Politics, Book I, Chapter 3 (H. Rackham, Loeb Classical Library, 1950, 1998, p. 51)

We should ALL be in search of a JUST MONEY EXCHANGE SYSTEM.  Up and until no one is building wealth unjustly, as in not “taking things from one another,”  WE CAN NOT have TRUE financial expression of our unalienable rights–“all men are created equal.”  Our Constitution does NOT provide for equal distribution of wealth, but rather fairness in the dealings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Our present FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES have been “unjustly discrediting” the entire world for DECADES!!!

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