More Food Shortage News

King Salmon Vanishing in Alaska, Smokehouses Empty, by Mary Pemberton, Associated Press

Whether through poor legislation as in California’s Dust Bowl, or through business competition as in Alaska’s Pollack Fishing plant or through extreme drought as in Texas, America’s Bread Bowl is more less full than usual.  This may all add up to severe shortages this fall at the least, or something brewing of Biblical proportions for the next few years.  Either way, it makes one wonder why Gates is stockpiling seeds with Monsanto, the Food Bill in Congress has provisions for Martial Law and total governmental control of all farm resources means for us in the next few years. 

Please report here anything in your local area that has changed with this upcoming harvest season.  Could it be the UN wanted those foreign troops here to ensure other countries can have access to our “food” rather than us?  Will we continue to believe their fraudulent Ponzi Scheme and surrender our food to those thugs because they have more FIAT money at their disposal?  It is imperative that we “love thy neighbor” as we find our way through this time of culminating corruption and set priorities based on conscience AND NOT MONEY!


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