A Reason for Martial Law–Market Collapse?

GDP in Pictures:  The Truth, the Market Ticker

The pumpers in the media will burn in Hell for dragging you (the sheeple) back into this market.

Here’s the truth on GDP, in pictures:


I updated the previous Ticker but this is important enough to put up as a separate post.  I will maintain this quarterly as new releases come out; this is a new “staple” for The Market Ticker, where unlike the sell-side that is always trying to get you to buy I am concerned with the truth about our economy and deal in the facts, not hype.

This is off Table 3B in the BEA’s release and is actual year-over-year change in constant (chained) dollars.  Feel free to check my work – in fact, you should check my work, just like you should check everyone else’s you hear, especially if you hear a politician or media pundit opine about how “things are getting better.”

Baloney.  Not only is the GDP still falling it is still falling at an increasing year-over-year rate.

The second derivative will not go positive until the slope of that line turns upward and we will not see an actual y/o/y increase until (of course) the line goes over zero.  So long as the line slopes downward the decline in GDP – the economy as a whole – is accelerating.

One other thing: Notice how 2007-Q3 was when the turn in GDP happened?  When did the market top?  October 2007, SPX 1576, right?

Think about it folks.

You’re being lied to. 

Again.                            NOTE: Prepare for a Bank Holiday


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  1. Chris Hicks Says:

    Looking forward to follow ups.

  2. Chris Hicks Says:

    Interested in your information,


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