Power Shifts to Military from FEMA?

On the day the big NLE Exercise commences, the NY Times ran this article, “Power Shifts in Plan for Capital Calamity.”

Apparently President Bush set in motion a transfer of control in the event of an emergency situation from FEMA to the White House Military Office which typically has managed Air Force One.  Putting the blame on FEMA for made responses to 9/11 and Katrina, they believed the military office, comprised of many active military folks would be better suited to the task.

Perhaps this explains that newly released Drill Reports coming out from NORAD, NORTHCOM and other military exercises coinciding with the NLE.  While they are likely power hungry types, using the White House Military Office provides a closer relationship to all branches of the military than FEMA enjoyed.  May also explain how Obama hopes to change the Oath of Office over the next 2 years to “obeying his orders” rather than defending the Constitution. 

NORTHCOM recently added an air force brigade with experience in Iraq even though their mission was never to be a military one.  But if you were looking to get the most cooperation from our existing military and paramilitary (as some Sheriff’s Deparments have begun to consider themselves), this would be a shift that would certainly facilitate more cooperation from our “boys in blue and green.” 

Oath Keepers, keep up spreading the word.  Just because they know how to follow orders, does not mean our soldiers and law enforcement can’t see where these are getting WAY off track.


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