We The People Building Big Brother’s Network

Putting out a Request for Proposals, the Air Force is asking companies to put in a bid to assist them with surveillance of their own employees digital activities:  “Define, develop, and demonstrate innovative approaches for determining ‘good’ (approved) versus ‘bad’ (disallowed/subversive) activities, including insiders and/or malware.”  “Air Force on the Hunt for ‘Subversive’ Behavior Online” HERE

As we have said here before in our CALL TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, we must not ask more from our Oath Keepers than what we ourselves are willing to keep an Oath to one another to protect each others’ liberties.  Will you keep from making FIAT Money while building the cyber “concentration camps” that Big Brother is requesting?  Can you keep yourself from doing their work for a little bit more cash?  The government DID NOT BUILD THIS CYBER NET THEMSELVES–WE HAVE DONE IT FOR THEM!!

Perhaps these are the “Requests” American people should NOT OBEY:

1) We will NOT OBEY Requests for Proposals to build virtual or actual concentration camps, shackles, weapons, gas, syringes for flu vaccine for a Tyrannical Government.

2) We will NOT OBEY requests for us to surveil our neighbors and turn in anyone who is a Christian, gunowner, Oath Keeper, etc. from a Tyrannical Government.

And on and on.  You see how we are all dependent on each other and responsible for each other?  Our military is not the only ones we need to have our backs.


2 Responses to “We The People Building Big Brother’s Network”

  1. LetsHelpAmerica Says:

    Thank-you for making these comments regarding our oath as citizens of this country…….citizens who MUST stand united in defense of each other and our constitution.

    Each of you can rest assure that I will NEVER put government tyrants, money or anything above my allegiance to God and my integrity and trust to you.

    • freepeopleontheland Says:

      Thank you, LetsHelpAmerica! If we wake up and see what is happening, their evil plans can not prevail. Liberty is an action word and one that MUST BE backed by INTEGRITY! As Steve Quayle said, “We should give praise to God for making their plans known and that the battle is God’s and not ours.” But it is for us to draw the line and see the ways fascism and corruption seep in and damage the entire system. We can not partake in it in even a small way–it must ALL be rejected! Shoulder to Shoulder with YOU!

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