A Call to All Military!!

Military, listen up!
Now comes your day of reckoning.
Will you wait for others to honor their Oath before YOU do?
They CAN’T risk exposure, plain and simple. So here’s your task. Use the Lt. Commander’s criminal complaint and substitute your name and rank. Notarize and send to me and your State U.S. Attorneys. It will be used in Grand Jury Presentments and other actions designed to FORCE compliance of the top brass to their “OATH OF OFFICE”. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it WILL be the MILITARY that comes to the rescue of our country. Only YOU can stand up against this monster. Only YOU can make the difference. We The People have had our GOD given rights stripped by the Legislative and Judicial branches of this now FOREIGN government. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you in this fight to restore America to its basis as a Constitutional Republic, the best form of government ever invented on this planet.

Major Stefan Frederick Cook successfully challenged his deployment orders based on BHO’s illegitimacy. Orders to deploy to Afghanistan were rescinded! Please spread this to every military person you know as it is further confirmation you have NO legal Commander In Chief. [b]Now do you get why THEY have not arrested Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick?

Here’s why we need to do it NOW

From a friend, I get this:

After Hannity talked about Major Cook’s case and the California case last night, Alan Colmes called Orly about a radio interview.  It’s coming out…

If the military stands up to Obama, it’s all over for him.  We will be rid of this imposter and his band of criminals soon.  It’s going to be tough, but God knows we’ll make it.


As Lt. Commander Fitzpatrick says, “Here endeth the lesson”


Please go here to download and customize your own criminal complaint.

and remember to get me a copy. That’s real important—PRevere@RiseUpForAmerica.com [/b]



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