Chemtrail Tracking

June 8, 2009, Southern Oregon

The chem trails in the sky above my farm here in southern Oregon are all day long. In my 15 years living here, I have NEVER seen one in the sky. Now I don’t even count them because there are so many every day.

June 2, 2009, 6:30pm – West Los Angeles, CA

I did not even know about Chemtrails until several months ago, but on Tuesday night, I observed a plane leaving about 12 criss-cross patterns in the sky over all of Los Angeles County.  Some of the trails were expanding  into larger streams and within 20 minutes, other trails looked like they were “raining” down within the cloud–like a watercolor painting that runs.  A friend of mine has been tracking these for years from his home on Mulholland Drive.  He has data that proves emergency rooms see an enormous increase in patient intake after they have been “spraying” us from the sky.

Knowing what I now know, I just wonder if Free People–that means all of us who care–can determine where this plane is leaving from (which terminal), who is flying it, who has chartered it and why we can’t do some sort of citizen arrest.  How can we continue to allow this poisoning of ourselves and our children for the Global Elites own perverse desires?  If we act together, maybe we can have an immediate affect.  Any suggestions or ideas?


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